♥ Welcome to Sweet 16’s Country Kitchen ♥

Our hope is that you will enjoy looking around, & become inspired to try some great recipes -some old & some new! 🙂

About the blog:  

Well to start with, this blog really was just a random idea that the both of us had been floating around for a while, then one evening it became real when we were texting back & forth for a few hours trying to figure out a good name  and picking a design that we both liked 😉 & thus became Sweet 16’s Country Kitchen!  Working together on this blog has been such a great hobby that we greatly enjoy! 😉

♥Hearing from our readers makes our day, so if any of you have questions, suggestions, encouragement or advise please feel free to leave us a comment below or Contact Us ! ♥

37 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. One good turn, deserves another, thanks for visiting my blog and for liking my posts. You have a wonderful blog with wonderful photos. I enjoyed browsing. Thanks for the follow…just seen it. I look forward to your posts!!!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog and my recent Layered Taco Dip! I hope you get a chance to try a recipe or two out for yourself sometime as well. I look forward to following your posts in the future!


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